Friday, June 10, 2011

Clever Kids Create Unique Entertainment

It’s been hot, insanely dry, miserable…and did I mention HOT?? The kids have a bit of cabin fever to say the least and have been coming up with creative ways to entertain themselves.

They have been bugging us for a pool…..We had one shortly after moving here, lost it when a tornado ripped through Noodle. Bought another one last summer and the wasp plague came. If we didn’t cover the pool there would literally be dead wasp piled inches high on the surface of the water. When we did cover it, we couldn’t swim in it because the moment the cover came off the wasp were swarming…. Ditched the pool. Loved the idea of relief on a hot summer day, but the reality of trying to keep up with it & not be covered in wasp stings was just too much.

We plan on getting another one, hopefully by next summer, but Jerimiah is going to build a screened enclosure for it before we try again.

However, when kid’s wanna swim, they wanna swim!

The result is in the pictures below:


Goats…similar to cats, are NOT fond of uncontained, dangerous water. I’m a wretched person if I soak the ground around the trough and they have to get their feet the slightest bit wet. So you can imagine what they thought of all this nonsense! Humans, IN the water trough….how odd……even worse….they splashed water EVERYWHERE!! And the noise…Oh My…the racket & squeals of delight these drenched lil’ humans made was of cosmic proportions….

Tootsie, Keys, & Lilly promptly moved as far away as possible and stayed there watching this carrying on with wary eyes. Bleuberry, bless her heart is the low man on the totem pole in this herd & prefers the company of humans to goats…So she braved the strangeness in order to be close to her lil people. Took a few drinks, tolerated being splashed & watched the whole fiasco with great interest. She even placed her hoof on the rim of the trough a few times as if she was considering joining them, but would always jerk it away shortly after…



Sabrina, being the herd queen did get herself off her throne to come investigate…..After all it would be unseemly for the lowest ranked herd member to be apart of this and not her. She was hilarious! She stared at the kids…got a drink…stared some more and promptly set about to correct the wrongness of the situation by cleaning Shayla. She would lick her, sniff and lick some more then stand by seeming pleased with the results….Until Shayla dipped under the water once again, then Sabrina was right back to cleaning her crazy human kid.



Odd bit of fun to say the least, but I give my kiddos props for being able to easily find interesting ways to ease their boredom.

Oh and since I mentioned Bleuberry in this post I thought I’d post some promised pictures of her. She was a slight mess when she arrived, but good feeding, proper minerals & a round of copper bolus have set her back on the right track. She is by far the dumbest goat I have ever encountered, but so insanely sweet all flaws are forgiven. She is LOUD, which is so not typical for my Alpines, so I always tell her she needs to be quiet or someone is going to think a Nubian is lurking on these grounds. I can never capture it in the pictures because she is by far the biggest goofball and is very much a “Velcro Goat“, but she is so leggy & at times even elegant when she doesn’t think your looking. She’ll be bred to Sam in the fall for Spring 2012 kids and I can not wait!





Marissa said...

What fun! I always wonder about the tough job it is to be herd queen. Having to take care of those unruly human kids just adds another level of stress to an already difficult job! :p

PMcNemar said...

You've got some creative kids and some gorgeous goats. Kids will be kids will be

Pam's Pride said...

I love it! It looks like they are having so much fun!! I am so glad you got pictures so they can remember it forever!

Christy said...

Well it looks like they're true farm kids now! Beautiful silly goats, beautiful silly children. What a perfect summer day.

Melody said...

haha! I find my child in the duck's swimming pool pretty often (yuck!). How cute :)

* Crystal * said...

Thank you all for the comments & compliments on my kids, both skin kids (humans) & furkids (goats) :-)

They made a muddy mess, but had a blast doing it.

Thankfully the water was reasonably clean as I dump & scrub it out every week or so....Well at least it was before the kids jumped in.....after their swim fest it needed washed & refilled.

Oat Bucket Farm said...

Love it! Your goats are beautiful and your children are adorable.

trashmaster46 said...


Leigh said...

Go kids! Great idea and obviously the goats didn't mind sharing their water too terribly much, LOL. Great photos.

me said...

Haha! Mine used to swim in the horse trough, while their pony used to try to push them under. Gosh what great memories!

Helen said...

Just read this on a cold New England Winter day. How delightful!! I could almost hear the shrieks and giggles of your beautiful"skin kids". certainly have done right by Blueberry!