Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Bleu Siege of Doe Hill

One fine morning, the does of Noodleville milled about the pasture with not much to do.

Feeding time had come and gone, milking was finished… All the forage worthy yummies were long ago devoured & the grass was drying up making prospective pasture pastimes greatly diminished….

Until they spotted the hill… The hill was ever present, but just out of reach. No fence blocked their path, no obstacles to keep them at bay… They stared longingly at the hill but couldn’t venture out without the security of The Gal with Food Buckets…. Apparently The Gal with Food Buckets is endowed with magical powers that instantly vanquish the Boogie-men who reside in the imaginations of goats…

They milled about at the base of the hill…..Each secretly contemplating how they would reach the top and rule all of Noodleville Goatdom…


A Nubian named Rosie trekked up the hill without contemplation, simply walked on up and surveyed the land……. But to rule, one must have more than bulk. One must be brave and smart…… An alliance was formed. Tricks & Mocha- The Guild of Earless Wonders. Though they lack ears, those Lamanchas are clever. Rosie lost her throne as quickly as she claimed it, so fast in fact, there isn’t even a photo record of her brief rule.



Quite smug & cocky, this Guild of Earless Wonders. How easy it was to bully Rosie off Doe Hill. Jr does come and try to sneak by and are beaten back with ease….As they run off the latest threat to their rule, this pair ponders their magnificence and happily surveys their kingdom….. Those who are smug & cocky though must also be watchful…..

Places of great power attract those who are power hungry….Like sharks drawn to blood, the pull is inevitable. Quickly Tricks & Mocha find they must defend their throne again….

Bleuberry is Queen. Bleuberry doesn’t need allies. She doesn’t charge up the hill in a fury. She doesn’t try to sneak on by… Ears held high, she marches slowly, with purpose, clearly making her intent known.



The battle begins and with a few well placed hits too fast for the camera to capture, Tricks is stripped of her royal title….. Ordinarily, she’d quickly jump back into the fray, but Lamanchas suffer a great weakness…. Curiosity and the ability to be easily distracted…... As quickly as holding the hill caught her attention, she’s now meandered off to fuss at Jr. does over some leaves on the fence line…



Mocha grows bold. She is older than Tricks. Not as easily distracted on this day. Perhaps the extra Chaffhaye has fortified her and made her more daring than she usually is….. Or, perhaps she finds this royal seat comfy and isn’t ready to give it up to one lone Alpine who fancies herself a queen..



Mocha meets the would be usurper head on. Hair bristled, she does her very best to intimidate Bleuberry.

Bleu is an old hat at this game though. She’ll not be defeated by a mere first freshener with no ears. She hops happily in between attacks, sneaking in hard nips with her teeth and is ruthless with her rearing assaults.


The siege is over. All that’s left standing atop Doe Hill is Bleuberry, queen of the Noodleville Goats. Mocha turns away in defeat..


Graceful and beautiful she may be, but Bleuberry is not a regal, gracious winner. She flaunts her victory over those she deems inferior and mocks their short reigns.




Oh how she bask in the glory of her newest conquest.


Being queen is good. Ruling the milk room, having the choicest feeders, the nicest resting places and always being the first to get treats are just royal perks….. This victory at Doe Hill is just another conquest in a long list of conquest…


~The End~


Short video of Bleuberry enjoying her hill….. Right before I started recording, she was rolling, digging and swinging her head from side to side like she was dancing….And of course she stopped most everything once I hit record.


Julie said...

That was a great story! all hail to Bleuberry! :) She is a beautiful goat!

Carolyn said...

Ah, the grand conquests and adventures of our Caprine Queens!

Leigh said...

Hysterical! I just love those Nubian ears. They can say so much!

Your girls all look so good. Good job.

Marsha said...

cute post but u spelled "Blue" wrong.

* Crystal * said...

Thank you Julie!

* Crystal * said...

Yes ma'am Carolyn....Those bossy gals are always on the lookout for the next great conquest :)

* Crystal * said...

Thank you Leigh....And yes, the Nubian ears are too funny and can be quite expressive :) The upright Alpine ears on Bleu are very suitable for a queen....She looks so intimidating when she puts her ears back and does what I call her Devil Goat Impersonation ;)

Congrats again on the book.... I was so excited when I read your post and had to reread it because I missed a few bits trying to read too fast :) :) I'll have to buy a copy to send to you so you can autograph it for me :)

* Crystal * said...

lol thanks Marsha....And no worries, the spelling of Bleu was intentional ;) Her dams name was Sequoia Gems Deja Bleu, and Bleuberry's name is Dreamy-Hollow CSN Bleuberry....So the misspelling was just me playing off her name :)

Anonymous said...

I found my thrill on BleuBerry it and love you...and Marsha, Marcia, Marsha...tsk tsk tsk...

retriever said...

Beautifull goals, happy New Year.