Thursday, October 13, 2011

Green Eggs of Noodleville.....Try them! Try them, if you will....

Do you like green eggs & ham?

I do! I do! I do like Green Eggs & Ham! Well, perhaps not green ham, but green eggs, yes ma'am I do.

That Sam I Am may have drove the poor grouchy looking fella nuts in one of my favorite books, but I must say, That Sam I Am was really on to something!

Green eggs that is.

Our rainbow of eggs
My Ameraunacana’s have started laying and we’ve been getting these pale greenish blue eggs and eggs in a rich, sea green color. Pictures don’t do them justice, but they are really pretty.

My two favorite colors, dark brown & the pretty sea green egg....wish the colors showed up better.

Granted, only the shells of my eggs are green…the yolks being a rich yellow/orange shade… If I had a critter of an unknown species hounding me to try eggs with green yolks the odds are good I would have become hostile, so I can’t say I blame ol’ grouchy for being annoyed!

Not to mention the green meat to boot!! I'm positive I would have passed on green meat of any variety..

But.....I can also sympathize with That poor Sam I Am…..

Had you be given the task of marketing green yolked eggs, you too would have had come up with catchy scenarios & rhymes to try and have your product sampled..

Now, if only That Sam I Am had what I have…green eggs truly worth marketing.

My 6 year old daughter was home from school with a respiratory infection and wanted one of her favorite foods for breakfast…. “Slimey eggs cooked the easy way” Which translates into fried eggs, over easy.

She wanted 3 eggs, one dark brown, one white and one green…so I went out to visit the chickens and see what they had to offer. Luck was with me, we had a beautiful green egg.

Cracked it open and much to my surprise, look what I found:

Yep, not only is my green egg far superior to those conjured up by the great Dr. Suess, it’s also double yolked! How cool is that?!?

BTW- My daughter claims that green shelled, double yolked egg perfection was the very best “Slimey egg cooked the easy way” ever!

Eat your heart out Dr. Suess!