Friday, July 19, 2013

A Long Overdo Introduction

Following my trend of sporadic post and procrastinations, I'm finally back to update you on my last 2013 keeper kid born here...

Most excited to introduce Noodleville's Toi's Tori:


Seriously, is that not the cutest lil baby on four legs??

This lovely lil one is my second Tonka daughter to get and I couldn't be more pleased with her, though I wish Mr. Tonka hadn't been so stingy with the doe kids...


We call her Tori for short and she was one of triplets... Sadly I was horribly ill the day they were born and waited too long to go in and check on what was keeping things so slow... Finally mustered up the strength to go in...

Felt around and thought "Hmm, I feel an ear.... No, wait, this is a Lamancha! Darn it, that's a tail!!" Good sized buck kid was presented hips first and had to be shoved back in so I could fish out legs.. Thankfully after he came out, everything else was smooth sailing, though the very last kid was a tiny still born buckling.

Quite funny, but check out the markings on the buck kids face... I didn't notice it until his new owner pointed it out, but it looks like a mule face is painted on his Keeping with the double “T” name theme, his new owner named him Noodleville’s Timeless Treasure and he goes by “Time” for short… Such a handsome lil man.


And speaking of Tonka kids.... Check out little miss Tricks! This doe kid is so very precious to me... She was born on Mother's Day last year and was my last baby my mom got to hold.... Can't believe she's already a year old... Time just flew by!


Noodleville’s Trick or Treat


Anywho, I'm noticing quite the personality trend in my Tonka kids... All are very sweet tempered, quiet babies. All of them like to give hugs (Tricks still baby talks to me and ask for an invitation to jump up and give hugs, lol) and so far all the Tonka kids I've seen both here and in other herds are nice growthy, vigorous babies.



Goaty hugs are the best…




On Mocha's side of the gene pool I must say I'm pleased with her udder as a first freshening yearling. Great texture, very, very well attached, nothing is budging that udder... Good orifices and pretty easy to milk.


Mocha’s first freshening udder at a couple weeks fresh (please forgive the fuzzy pictures, I hadn’t got around to clipping anyone at the time these were taken)..


Thankfully Mocha did not pass on her roman nose to her kids as both babies have Tonka's beautiful head and I see more depth of body in the kids than I see in Mocha, so to say I'm pleased is an understatement....

When breeding goats it's kinda like a mad scientist type of experiment and it’s so rewarding when things work out like you planned.



Anonymous said...

Well hi there Miss Noodle! You've been absent long enough don't you think? lol Happy to see you posting again and your Tori & Tricks are gorgeous. Your daughter is a cutie patootie too :)

Now, get your tush back in the habit of more regular posting ya hear? lol


Anonymous said...

sorry u lost one of the triplets. U got a pretty doe out of it though so I am happy for u. Welcome back to posting, don't be gone so much anymore, miss my Noodleville fix :p

Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Your comment "Hmmm I feel an ear" had me rollin!! Your too cute girl!
Happy it all worked out & u got your doe kid. even happier to see u posting again ;)

Michelle said...

Eeeee!!! I'm so glad to see you! I've missed your posts.

What precious babies! They are all adorable, your buck is beautiful, and that is one fabulous udder!

Have you sold all your bucklings for this year?

* Crystal * said...

Awwwww thanks so much y'all, tis good to be missed.....I will try to do better and post a lil more often :)

B.C, lol I was so horribly sick, had been throwing up all day and wobbled out to the barn in quite a stupor, and it just took a while for that light bulb to flicker on over the ear/tail confusion. ;)

Leigh said...

Great update. Even with the stillbirth the plus side wins out. Everybody looks so happy!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to finally see a new post from Noodleville! I have missed you, the kiddos and the goats. Looks like you have some beautiful new little does. I used to raise and milk Nubians and they were so sweet and gentle. Loved their long ears! Hope all goes well and we will be seeing posts more often now!!.......Ginny in Texas

Anonymous said...

that mule head painted on Time's face is awesome! Do u have any newer pics of him?

* Crystal * said...

Aww Michele your post always make me smile, thanks for commenting! :) Yes, all buck kids sold and left before they were 2 weeks old :) Typically I do soaking wet buck kid sales and if picked up by 2 weeks old, they are cheaper....This gets them off my milk & frees up pen space :)

And thank you for the compliment on Tonka....He is a handsome boy....Had to sell him before the move so I'm very thankful I now have 2 of his daughters in my herd.

I was pretty pleased with Mocha's udder :) She's a FF yearling..Needs to gain a bit of capacity (which she had since this pic) & her teats wing out slightly towards the bottoms, but otherwise, no complants...Great texture, orifices and is easy, peasy to hand milk, so I'm stoked to have a Tonka daughter from her :)

Yes Leigh, sucks about the lil buck and I kicked myself around a bit for not going in sooner to see what the hold up was....But I can't complain about the 2 beautiful babies, so I'm happy :)

Hi Ginny! Thanks for stopping by to comment! I tell ya, those Nubians are growing on me...I brought a Saada x Pruittville doe kid in this year (still need to introduce her...) & she has the most lovely nose & ears and such a sweet, quiet disposition.... I'm quite smitten with her :)

Rebecca said...

We have missed you. I was measuring out my copper boluses this morning and thought of you. Thanks again for that post. You are a life saver!!

* Crystal * said...

Awwww thank you Rebecca!! So happy the post was useful to you :)

Rachel said...

Hey, I found your post on petey's blog list and decided to take a look. Aww, Timeless Treasure is adorable with that "mule face". I'm going to add your blog to my blog list as I find it as interesting as range to range.

* Crystal * said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for stopping by to comment and for adding me to your reading list, I really appreciate it!

Even cooler that you found me via Petey's blog... LOVE, LOVE her blog and her pictures are just awesome....Shes on my list of people I'd love to meet :)

Rachel said...

You don't need to thank me for commenting; sometimes I get driven nuts when I can't comment, LOL.