Friday, March 18, 2011

Brilliance & Talent Come In Small Packages...

Last blog entry I promised to post some of Tator's art work and such, so here I am. These drawings were done when he was 6 & 7....he just turned 8 this month and is very talented if I do say so myself. This dinosaur was copied from the TV screen. We were watching Dinosaur Planet and he begged me to pause it so he could draw the dinosaur.... End result is amazing:


Great White Shark:

This one is Megaladon...a massive prehistoric ancestor of the modern Great White Shark (those are Clayton's words, lol):

Not a clue what this one is, but it was on a program about prehistoric sea life:

And this one was inspired by The Dallas World of the kids favorite places to visit. Clayton said these are the sharks from the shark tunnel:

We literally have stacks & stacks of sketches, colored pages and even some painted art from Clayton...He's one of the few kids to be very pleased to recieve a pack of printer paper, lol And you can bet your bottom it won't take him long to fill up every single page!

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