Sunday, April 17, 2011

Could The Future of Palentology Come From Noodle??

As some of you know, Tator LOVES sharks and ocean life. This obsession of his started when he was about 18 months old when we watched "Finding Nemo". After that, anything that could swim fascinated him. For a while I was worried the obsession wouldn’t fade in the slightest and his brain would be on a one track route forever. Well, it turns out he is JUST LIKE ME… Obsessive.....some may say I'm Obsessive Complusive, but for Clayton, lets take the less severe route and say he's just a tad on the obsessive side. :-)

Clayton is 8 now, and thanks to Dinosaur Planet, something else has finally caught his fancy:


His love of sharks hasn’t faded, but I’m happy he’s branching out a little bit…even if he is becoming just a lil obsessive on this Dinosaur bit.

With his Shark craze, we bought him books, DVD’s and took him to the Aquarium… And now we’re doing that with the Dinosaur craze… Bless his heart, poor kid has dug all over our property with his digging tools and brushes looking for fossils without much luck. He found old gourd shells and swears they are ancient dinosaur egg shells, but he did manage to find one fossilized sea shell of some sort.

So, for Christmas I hunted the internet and found a place to buy fossils from. He loves the raptors and other predators so I ordered him two claws…One is from a Utah Raptor and one is a Valociraptor claw replica…

Here’s a few pictures of him and Shayla with his shark tooth collection and his Raptor Claws:


Tator's collection of shark teeth, fossilized teeth & raptor claws:

Clayton showing off his fossilized Megaladon teeth:

Hoping to take the munchkins up to Stephenville soon to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park….They LOVED the Dinosaur Museum in Thermopolis Wyoming last spring, so I’m pretty confident they’ll have a blast at Dinosaur Valley .

Shayla enjoys the Dino books and shows, and her big brother is sweet enough to include her in his “fossil hunts”, but unlike Clayton, she is a bit more diverse in her interest and less likely to become obsessed. So, in that respect, Tator takes after me 100%, while Shayla tends to be more like Jerimiah in her varying interest.

Love them both to pieces and I’m so happy they are such great friends

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