Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy, Happy Saturday!!!!

Good customer service is such a rare thing these days....

Hubby got me a coveted Kindle 3G for Christmas.... I'm a book junkie & had been lusting after a Kindle since the very first one came out. It was expensive & needed bugs/kinks worked out so I watched Amazon for years just waiting.....Finally! Kindle 3G (which I need out here in Noodle with no WiFi).

Loved my Kindle....Jerimiah even bought me a really cute, super sturdy leather case for it too!

Anywho, I left it on the bed on accident...My munchkins barreled in like bulls in a China shop & my Kindle ended up on the floor & (I suspect) stepped on. The screen was horribly distorted and nothing I did could fix it. Silly to be heart broken over a "thing" but I was almost in tears... I rarely have "special" things for me and after wanting it for so long it killed me that it was broke. Since it wasn't a malfunction, but damage I didn't think I could get it fixed.

Thursday at 4:30pm I called Amazon.... I DREADED this call as last time I spoke to a fella named Ali from India who could not understand me and I couldn't understand him... Thursday though this awesome fella named David answers the phone!!

I respond "My gosh, you have no idea what a relief your voice is!" I think he misunderstood me and replied: "Well you sound cute too..what southern state are you from?"


Alrighty then, after getting past the chatty part, Mr. David from upstate New York ask me to slide and hold the power switch for 15 seconds...Kindle restarts & is WORSE!

Mr. David says no worries, let me send you an email with return instructions & a prepaid postage label for free return shipping....Then he verified my Kindle model and said the words that made my day:

"Crystal, we're going to ship out a new Kindle, next day air, just return the damaged Kindle in that box with the shipping label I sent to your email."

Color me happy! New Kindle and hardly any wait time to boot!

Friday at 3:00pm my new, fully functional, wonderful Kindle arrives.

This morning my Kindle is fully charged, all my books are back on it and when browsing books on Amazon, I see that some of Jean Plaidy's books are a few bucks cheaper than last time....

Yep, I'm one blissfully happy gal!


petey said...

yay! I LOVE my kindle! We have the same problem, I have wifi,so I can download at home, but we have no phone service so I can still download in town or out on the range now! :) That is so cool that they replaced it!!!

* Crystal * said...

Isn't the Kindle just fabulous?!?! :-) I use the 3G since I have no Wifi access & its always worked great....Until it lost a battle with the kids... lol

Michelle said...

What a great story! I've thought about it several times and chuckled throughout the day. I just had to come back and tell you.

Anonymous said...

So glad you got a new Kindle!

Anonymous said...

I still am having trouble figuring out how to comment to your blogs. This is Sherry! And I promise I am not a stalker! (Anonymous just sounds so stalkish, huh? lol)

* Crystal * said...

LOL Michelle.... I swear it felt like Christmas morning all over again I was so tickled :) BTW, thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower!

Sherry, it seems you figured it out....sorta anyways. You know I love ya.... you can be my stalker any day :)