Friday, September 14, 2012

Playtime in Noodleville

Following up on the tail of my hay blog, I thought I’d share some semi-related pictures..

Being the youngest, and smallest of the group of bottle kids, Tricks has always had a different routine. She is fed milk outside of the pen to ensure she gets her fair share and at this point she’s the only bottle kid still on milk.

On her trips out, the munchkins often kidnapped her for play time… They race each other, play “King of the Dirt Pile” and the munchkins have been known to share their snacks with her… Basically, she’s a rotten mess who is convinced she’s one of the kiddos.

When we first unloaded the hay, we just shoved it off the trailer and wherever it landed is where it stayed until we borrowed the hay spike.

The kids (and Tricks) found these to be great toys and would climb up them and jump from bale to bale….

Playing “King of the Bale” is much, much more fun than “King of the Dirt Pile", plus, if you’re quick enough, you can dash down the line and conquer the bale on the end first… Needless to say the kiddos (both human & goat) had a blast. What munchkin needs video games when they have imagination, enthusiastic goat kids, and rows of hay bales???

Snapped these pics when they took a lil break:

Tricks & one of the barn cats enjoying the hay bale..
I missed the shot, but this picture was snapped right after I caught Shayla holding the sucker out so Tricks could have a few licks.... According to her, they were taking a "sucker break" & the grape swirl she's got in her mouth is Tricks' favorite flavor...  Nothing like goat slobber to enhance a sucker eh?
In the midst of trying to rake up old hay so we could put in the new round bale, Bleuberry found the wheel barrow to be a great perch to reach a few mesquite branches… Mostly though, I think she just climbed in there to be a pest.

These have nothing to do with the hay… Just candid shots of Rosie & Tricks while out on a walk…

Gotta love those flapping Nubian ears...
Tricks all bristled up watching the neighbor's cattle..


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy your blog, some of those pictures are just cute. Not sure about the sucker thing, you really shouldn't let your child share a sucker with the goat, she could get diseases. Not sure that routinly playing with livestock is healthy either may want to use caution & limit the time they have together to just through the fence interaction to keep everyone healthy. God bless.

* Crystal * said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by & thank you for your concern.

The world is full of germs.... Going to the grocery store, school, doctor's office all have risk, germy risk much greater than what my kiddos come into contact with by playing outside...

While I think it's a bit gross to share slobber with a goat, it won't kill her :)

Afterall, I had a taste for dead June bugs as a kid & somehow I made it to adulthood :)

noeskimo said...

A few years ago. I put reindeer ears on the mare and the granddaughters put on Santa hats for a Christmas card photo. The youngest, then 5, had a carrot in her hand to keep Star attentive. But she was also munching on it. You can almost see the orange horseslobbers...My favorite.

Leigh said...

Shayla knows Tricks' favorite flavor? LOLOL Gee, I wonder how long it took her to figure that out.

Great shots. You have truly photogenic kids, both human and goat. :)

Mama Jan said...

As Shayla's grandmother and an infection control nurse, I can think of a ton of different places a kid (the two legged kind) could get worse things than from a sucker shared with a goat.... how about public bathrooms, especially those at school, or the mall, or church.... too much worry about goat germs and not near enough worry about human germs! Tell Shayla that grape swirl are my favorite too.... hey... maybe that makes me an old goat?! LOL
I race my dogs up and down the hay rolls here... but they are on top and I am on the ground. They love it! Glad the hay provided so much fun for all! Keep posting the terrific photos!
Love you all!

Victoria said...

This reminds me of a scientific test ran in the 70 by the parinoid Drs who thought that kids raised on a farm were much more likely to contract disease from all the poo around the farm, and certianly a child raised in the sterile inviornment of the city would be much healthier...what a shock to find that the farm kids, running through stalls in bare feet rarely got sick in comparision to the sterile city kids, who were not allowed to touch a baby kitten without mother standing by to wash those dirtly little hands after ward. Granted clenliness is next to Godliness, but proof was in the test about sharing germs with animals. We've lived on a farm now 8 years,my kids always got sick several times a year before leaving the city, and now we are all healthy as...well, and ox!!

petey said...

fun stuff! I used to share my rocket pops with my dog. My mom would practically swoon when she'd catch me. Since then, I have been face planted in so much horse and cow poo, if it was really that unhealthy, I'd have passed on years ago. I just consider it all probiotics. LOL