Monday, December 17, 2012

Goodbye to Noodleville

Someone has a sense of humor, check out the smiley face, lol

Ordinarily, such a topic would be followed by a heartbreaking tale, a sorrowful lament, an endless refrain of sadness, but this time, that’s not the case..


Well, mostly because I’m just being melodramatic and needed a blog starter to grab your attention. Though truly, we are having a goodbye, but the goodbye is to Noodle, not the end of Noodleville.

Yep, that’s right… We’re moving. It’s been a hectic mess, full of ups & downs and waves of excitement and indecision, but sink or swim, do or die, we are leaving the lil town of Noodle behind….

Jerimiah took a new job, and since October we have been living apart… He works for 10 days, comes home for 3 and leaves out on day 4. Not exactly the best situation, and not one we care to maintain permanently, so away we go off to east Texas. Found a lil place, not much land, but the price won’t put us in debt up to our ears, it’s close to family, has more space than we have in this lil house and it actually has trees so that’s great. Seriously… REAL trees, ones taller than me and they don’t have thorns. I also didn't see not one single cactus on the place, which is awesome. It's nice when the local plant life isn't out to shred you to bits...

There are even lakes close by and believe it or not, grass actually grows on the property and the soil isn't impenetrable rock. Truly, lots of fabulous changes for us Noodle-ites.

Of course, the humidity in the summer may actually kill me, and I’ll have to learn the lay out of a new town, new stores and hope I can get from point A to point B without getting lost… But I figure I’ll just take baby steps and conquer each obstacle one at a time as I go along… Except for the summer humidity, I’m not joking, it may seriously kill me.

Anywho, the biggest downside of the new place it has no fencing and it has a scattered mess of “shelters” that are comical to say the least. Whoever built them had an affinity for particle board and very, very low ceilings… So, we’ve been doing our best to get the fencing completed & will make do with the shelters until we get settled in and can build something else.

To make the move easier, I sold down my goats… I’m down to 7 now…. 3 pregnant Alpines, 1 pregnant Nubian, 2 pregnant Lamanchas and Tricks who is not bred this year… Most sad about selling Tonka….. Geez I can’t even begin to say how much I hated doing that, but he went to a great home and his new owner will allow me to use him for stud in the future, so all is not lost.

We are moving to east Texas, specifically a lil town called Phalba. I've been told that I’ll need to change the name of my blog.. But to what? “The Adventures of  Phalbaville“?  Or, since we'll live in Phalba, but have a Mabank address, I suppose we could sub in "Mabankville"....

Have you ever heard anything so ludicrous? Not happening. Noodleville simply has an air of awesomeness that can't be beat..

So, while I’m saying a goodbye to Noodle, Noodleville will still exist. It’s my own lil creation… It has significance… Not just as a blog, but as a start of change in my life. After our move here I grew a backbone. I stopped caring what folks thought of me and decided to do what made me happy. I cut the false friends from my life, and stopped dancing to the tune others played for me…. I took time to take stock and focus on what was important in life & I came to an acceptance of who I am, in all my weirdness, and I’m finally happy with me.

Noodleville also happens to be my ADGA herd name for the dairy goats, and due to my absolute disgust for paperwork, I’m not changing it… Even if I thought of some other name I liked better, the paperwork alone would be enough of a deterrent to keep me from changing things up.

Hoping to finish moving over the kid’s holiday break so they can get settled and start their new school at the beginning of the semester. They are excited, but nervous. They've only been to one school, so this is a big change for them… I’m sure they’ll be fine though (I have to keep telling myself that, I think I’m more nervous than they are, lol) and Shayla happens to think a new school is a wonderful excuse to go clothes shopping, because apparently, if you’re switching schools a wardrobe update is required.

Anywho, wish us luck!

Until next time, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Oh! U scared me for a sec thought you were ending the blog! Hope ur move goes smoothly and I hope youll be happy in your new place with trees ;)

petey said...

Glad you'll still be blogging! I laughed when you said you were down to 7 goats...sounds like, since all but one are bred you'll be back to something like 15 or 21 in no time at all! LOL
Moving is always an exhausting experience, IMO. Hope it all goes smoothly and you are able to get what you need done for the goat housing. I was going to suggest cattle panel shelters, but mine climbed all over them and re-sculpted them into weird shapes. Best of luck and Merry Christmas!

* Crystal * said...

Thanks Anonymous :)

LOL Petey that is so true!! My ideal herd number is no higher than 12.... Past that and it's harder for me to maintain them (hoof trimming & feed bill) and I'm just dumping milk as I have too much, not to mention, after the #'s get up there, it's no longer fun for me, it's work.. My daughter has a kid reservation with another breeder, and I'm only planning to retain 2 LM does, so all the Nubian & Alpine kids will be sold....

Moving is VERY stressful, not mention expensive.... Hate it, can't wait to be done :)

Leigh said...

Wow, this is news! So glad it's a good and wanted move. I agree about "Noodleville." It's a name you can't leave behind! Here's hoping the move goes well.

AGK said...

I think where ever you are, it will always be Noodleville.

Congratulations on the move!

Welcome to the humid part of Texas.

Anonymous said...

Say it isn't so! I can't wait to see your posts as you start another adventure but have to admit I am a bit sad to know you won't be just down the road. I hope things go smoothly during the move...and if not, please blog. We laughed out loud while reading your catastrophe hauling hay :)
- Casper's kid

* Crystal * said...

Thanks so much Leigh! And yes, the name must stay, if for no other reason than I'm not creative enough to come up with something

Alice, I really am worried I'll melt in the humidity...... Noodle may not be everyone's brand of pretty, but I think the dry air is pretty awesome :)

Jennifer!! How is Casper?? Her daughter Tricks is just so nice, I couldn't be happier with her! Yes, I won't be right down the road anymore, but you are still more then welcome to call if you need anything. Not to mention I'll be back in the area from time to time to visit family.... And I have a friend here with a kid reservation that I may end up bringing goat kids down too.. Is Casper still milking? Did you breed her this year, or are you just going to keep milking her on an extended lactation? You need to send me new pics (*hint-hint*)... The last one of her in the car was just too funny :)

Anonymous said...

Casper is doing fantastic! We are still milking her but have cut back to once daily in order to ease into drying her up. She was bred to our boer billy in October. She is still a hoot and has never forgotten her manners on the stand. I'll send some more pics your way soon!

- Casper's kid

* Crystal * said...

That is great to hear! :) I LOVED the antler pics of Casper! Thanks so much.... Very happy she got such a good home with you..... She was by far the easiest first freshener I milk stand trained, very happy to hear she's minding her manners so well..Little earless boers are going to be ADORABLE, you will have to send pics when she kids :)

Patty said...

I haven't had the luxury of perusing all the wonderful blogs I like to read in so long, that today you nearly gave me a heart attack! I LOVE your blog, and you have some very valuable goat info here. Your posts are so rare that it's such a delightful surprise to see you've posted (mine are getting to be just as rare). Glad you'll still be here! :)

Michelle said...

I miss you! I can't wait to hear all about your new home and how the goats are getting settled in.