Monday, August 22, 2011

The Incredible, Edible, Incredibly Tiny Egg

Batch #2 of chicks, now feathered. Cochins, Buff Orpingtons,
Silver Laced Wyandottes, Blue Andulusian and 1
transplanted Jersey Giant Roo.
 Bought the adorable, fuzzy chicks… attached to the lil boogers….which led to buying MORE fuzzy, adorable little chicks…

Bags & bags of expensive feed, constant worry over keeping the fuzzy wuzzys warm……cleaning pens, washing poopy water dishes multiple times a day and hoping like crazy that most would survive and reach maturity….

Did I mention those bags & bags of expensive feed???

All of this has lead up to this….Our very first home raised egg:

Taa Da!!!!

Yes, it’s tiny…. Yes I realize it may take about 7 of these boogers to make 1 decent omelet, but size isn’t important here.

What’s important is my birds survived to laying age!!!! The shell is a pretty pinkish tan with light speckles (which don’t show up in the picture) and it’s a nice, hard shell.

Woo Hoo!

Since finding that lil speck of an egg, I’ve found 5 egg every other day and gradually getting bigger. Shape & size vary but at least they are eggs…. Not sure who is responsible, but it’s one of the birds from the 1st batch of chickens…… I’m thinking either the Welsummer (who was supposed to be a Maran), one of the high production reds, or one of those speckled brown hens (also supposed to be Marans…not really sure what they are).

Some of our girls &"Jackson" playing in the mud

Handful O' lil Eggs

Mix of chickens & our Jersey Giant who was visited by the
SEX CHANGE FAIRY & is now a rooster!

I’m hoping the other gals catch this egg laying bug soon…

Yea, sure……playing the “Find the itty bitty egg” game every other day is fun, but I’m betting it will be even more fun to gather a few normal sized eggs every day.

Oh & in case your wondering…yes, my eggs are tiny and scarce, but finding them makes all of the above well worth it…even those darn pricey bags of feed.


hoosier girl said...

Congratulations! I love the little eggs the best, aren't they precious?

Angelia Mercer said...

The first egg is an unforgettable moment! It is pure magic!!

* Crystal * said...

Yes it sure is! :)

We had breakfast for dinner the other night....eggs, sausage, biscuits & gravy....Asked hubby how he wanted his eggs.....2 over easy was his reply..

So, I fried one jumbo egg from my friend's red sex link hen, one of our itty bitty eggs with a yolk smaller than a quarter... Hubby was amused to say the least :)

Caliann said...

W00T! That's terrific news Crystal! I always love it when a new batch start laying. It is not as magical as the first time....but it is a little bit magical EVERY time.:)

Leigh said...

Woo hoo! My computer's back online!

I love, love, love those first little pullet eggs. They are sweet and precious promises of good things to come.