Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally Famous!!!

So…just how many of you can say you’re the most famous person in your town?

I just so happen to be one of “those” people. No, I never dreamed of fame and fortune (oddly I'm still missing the "fortune" part of that..)

Truth be told, I'm not even into modern day pop culture and celebrity worship.... So it's shocking to be one of "those" people now...

Okay, granted, I’m not in Hollywood… Heck, I’m not even in a town with 100 people, but I’m still famous enough that I was recognized by a complete stranger. Shouldn't being recognized by a complete stranger count as some obscure level of fame???

It was not an old acquaintance.

Not some blast from the past.

Not a friend of a friend.

Not some random co-worker of a long lost relative.

A complete stranger.

Here’s the tale..

Had a carpet to shampoo…..Really in hindsight I’m thinking it was a wasted effort and I’d love to rip it up and start over, but I digress..

Headed into town, hit a grocery store to rent a Rug Doctor.

Had to fill out all those forms so they could hold my credit card ransom in exchange for the promise of a safe return of the lil red box of a carpet shampooer.

The fella checking over the forms checks my driver’s license to verify the address I included on the forms matched my ID and then chuckles & says “Noodle” under his breath......I’m used to this reaction…….lots of folks don’t believe such a town exist so I assure him: “Oh, I promise it’s a real town, regardless of how ridiculous it sounds”..

He replies “Oh I know, I read a blog from this hilarious chick that lives out there, she has this post about being caught by the UPS man in her underwear, and one about being hit with a Taser that is so funny!”


That’s MY BLOG!!!!

Yep, that’s me!

So I reply: “Oh, well, I’m happy you enjoy it...”

Took him a second to catch onto what I said…he looks at me, looks at my DL again and says “OMG That’s YOU!!….Did You really chase a spider with a lawnmower??

“Yes hon, I sure did…and it wasn’t JUST a spider…it was a freakish, 8 legged beast intent on killing me…”

For a split second I thought about offering him my autograph, but since I’ve yet to write the screen play for “Noodleville” or star in a film, I thought that might have been pushing it…But hey, grocery store fella who wasn't wearing a name tag, if ya ever want that autograph, I’ll hook you up.


hoosier girl said...

That's hilarious! And for the record, I would have asked for your autograph-I love your blog!

Caliann said...

Crystal, the big bucks will be flowing in any second! Writers in Hollyweird are busy writing the screenplay as I type! W00T! You're famous! And you didn't even have to become a lush or get addicted to drugs to do so!

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! That is the funniest story I've heard in a LONG time!!!

AGK said...

The UPS man was in your underwear??

* Crystal * said...

Hoosier Girl- Thanks so much! If we ever meet in person we can swap autographs :)

Caliann! That is such a relief! Truly had been worried about the progress of that screen play! When it's all said & done you can star in the movie with me :)

Happy my new found fame brought you a laugh for the day Michelle :)

AGK- Honestly, I think the situation would have been less awkward if I had caught the UPS Man in my under wear instead of vise versa...Yes, it would have been strange, and I would have forever wondered how he got my under wear, but at least I wouldnt have been the one in the compromising position :)

Caliann said...

Oooooh! I get to be in the movie?! That's great! Can I play a crazy goat lady?

Oh, wait, that would just be playing myself, wouldn't it?

* Crystal * said...

LOL!!! That's perfect, you can definately star as yourself Caliann! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh yea! Andrew here AKA, "the grocery store guy with no name tag". Nice to see our meet up made the cut to be featured on the blog! I so would have accepted a autograph lol Dont know if u noticed but I gave u a celebrity perk which was an additional 2 hours to return the machine, coukdnt do more than that though.
Your blog is even funnier noe that I have a voice to put with the words! Your held captive post made me laugh too! Keep up tge good work!

oh in case ur curious, I found ur blog in a random google search, read the taser story first & was hooked!

Your biggest fan,

* Crystal * said...

Hi Andrew!!!

Thanks for stopping by & commenting! Nice to have a name too :) And thanks so much for my very first celebrity perk, I mean seriously, hore cool is that??!

If I see you again, I'll be sure to have a pen handy for that autograph, lol

Leigh said...

That's hysterical. You were so brave to fess up, I don't think I'd have the nerve, LOL. So glad Andrew is now a commentor!

* Crystal * said...

LOL Leigh.... I kind of felt obligated to fess up. Just how many Crystals could live in Noodle?! And what if he would have eventually put it together without me saying anything?

I dunno, lol my mouth got away from me!

And yes, seriously cool Andrew took time to comment (and give a name!) :)

petey said...

Too funny! I thought it was weird that my FAMILY reads my blogs. I'd probably faint if a stranger said something!

mmpaints said...

Yep, that is absolutely hysterical, a true classic!

* Crystal * said...

mmpaints- Thanks so much for stopping by and becoming a follower. Really appreciate it! :-)

Enjoyed your blog, though I must say the hairy bread post totally killed my appetite! lol

katlupe said...

That is impressive Crystal, to be recognized and then for him to purposely come to your blog, read it and make a comment! Fame and fortune could be in the cards. You never know who is reading your blog.