Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Noodleville in the Awards Ceremony

Okay, Okay….there isn’t exactly an “awards ceremony” but I’m suffering from a bit of writers block here and that’s what popped up.

BUT, if you can believe it… My ramblings, and my tales (both tragic & humorous) did actually get an award!

Thanks to my dear friend nick named “Hoosier Girl” over at Blessed Little Homestead Life I am now the proud owner of the Liebster Blog Award!

Don’t think it’s true?? I can sense your skepticism….. But ya know what honey, the proof is all right here!

See?!?! Isn’t it pretty? My very first blog award ever and I think it’s positively peachy! And now that I’ve provided you with PROOF your no longer allowed to be skeptics.

Now…what is this phenomenal “Liebster Blog Award”?

Liebster is a German word meaning dear, sweet, kind, nice, good, beloved, lovely, kindly, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome.

The Liebster is awarded to spotlight up & coming bloggers who currently have less than 200 followers.

Now that you know the meaning of it you can truly see why “Hoosier Girl” won this award and why she so graciously passed it on to me…Thanks so much hon!!!

Yes, she may think of herself as only a glorified lavatory attendant at times, but now she gets some well deserved, public recognition for being so much more.

I also know your wondering why *I* got it….well that’s because they can’t give you an award for being scatter brained, OCD, clumsy, hot tempered, irrational, silly, child like, overly dramatic & easily distracted until you have at least 200 followers! At that point you reach an all new level of fame and your character flaws are no longer dubbed with the stigma of “insanity”, rather the prestige of eccentricity.

Like all good things, there is work to be done in return, so here are the rules for the Liebster Blog Award:

1. Thank the giver, and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
2. Reveal your top 5 picks & let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.
3. Copy & paste the award onto your blog
4. Have faith that your followers will spread the love to other bloggers.
5. And most of all, have fun!!

Since I’d love to share the love & spotlight with a few of my favorite up & coming bloggers, these are my choices….Bummer I couldn’t choose more as I have several I truly enjoy but rules are rules ya know and one must follow them or risk the wrath of blog world fairies…

1. Range to Range- First of all this is one hard workin’ gal who can tell a simple story in such a way that it brings the reader right along with her in her life adventures on a 250,000 acre cattle ranch… She shares the best pictures and always has great info on things such as yogurt, soap & butter making… If it wouldn’t scare her half to death, I’d happily stalk her just so I could camp out at her beautiful mountain side home.

2. One of my favorite Texans over at Sand Holler Farm deserves this lil gem of an award as well. Gardening advice? Awesome pictures? Book recommendations? Adventures at Farmer’s Market? Goats, chickens and a slew of other critters? You betcha, they have it all and I really love the layout of their blog.

3. Third time is a charm as is my choice at #3... Rummage through Sarah’s blog at Teufel Hunden Farm and your in for a treat. Sarah is quirky, upbeat and shares all sorts of goodies like recipes, projects, pictures and humorous stories. Her art work is positively adorable and her felted soaps look divine! If I had to pick anyone who could be my long lost sister, she’d be it as I can totally see me reacting exactly the same way in some situations (Her post about the snake comes to mind here…lol)

4. Next up is a quirky gal I can totally relate to over at Midlife Farm Wife. She is one of those who, IMO, has passed any stigma of insanity and wears the prestigious badge of the slightly eccentric. She has so much going on and is so creative I’m left in awe with every posting. I mean seriously…how many of you could run a certified organic farm and still have enough creative juices & energy for an awesome blog?? If I’m having a bad day I know I’m guaranteed a good laugh with just one visit to her blog. Pictures & how to’s on hog castration? You got it! Everyday observations of an often on the edge farm wife? Without a doubt! Lots of beautiful soaps and photography….. And my favorite “Angry Soap” that looked like bacon and made me LOL at 2am!

5. Last, but certainly not least is Kay over at BedeSisters. Great pictures, awesome items in her Etsy store and more creativity in her pinky finger than I have in my entire body! Yes, I’ll admit, I’m a smidge envious off all of her adorable (and useful) crafty items….So envious in fact I think you shouldn’t hesitate, not even one single second to hop on over and take a peak around her blog and store.

So, I’ve followed rules 1-4. I am now able to fully say I own that Liebster Blog Award. As for rule #5.… In the land of Noodleville, fun & adventures are to be had in every day at the most unexpected times so I’ve got that one covered.


Sarah Rachele said...

Oh so cool! Thanks Crystal, I need to sit down and think of the five I need to chose. :)

Donna OShaughnessy said...

Oh man ! You said such nice things about me. Hard to believe I only gave you $20 bucks to do so. Definately should have given you $25. Definately. I am touched.

My mother said I was born that way but I blame the first grade Nuns.

hoosier girl said...

New blogs to check out! That's why this award is so much fun, and you deserved it for sure!

Plain and Joyful Living said...

Congratulations and thank you for sharing other blogs you enjoy.
Warm wishes.

Empty Sack said...

I really hope pictures of hog (or any) castration doesn't give you a good laugh.

Perhaps I am being too sensitive because I have been "castrated"?

I hope I don't sound preachy or like a wuss. Just a ball-less guy questioning why castration seems to get a good laugh.

You have a great blog, though. :)

* Crystal * said...

No Empty Sack, you misunderstood.....If you go check out Donna's blog you'd see what I mean.....

Many of her post do have a sense of humor to them, but when I listed hog castration it was to highlight the diversity of her blog, not that THAT particular bit itself was funny.... In fact in regards to castration I applaud her for her method as she does it at a very young age to minimize trauma instead of waiting until they are almost 100lbs & then having lots of people hold down the struggling animal while it's cut on.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate it!! :)